Consciential Entrepreneurship in Existential Inversion

Author: Nelson Abreu

Volume 13, Issue 49, Page 3 - July 2010

CitationCitation:ABREU, Nelson (2010). Consciential Entrepreneurship in Existential Inversion, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, July-December, Vol. 13, No. 49, p.3



ABSTRACT: One of the hallmarks of existential inversion is altruistic productivity during the preparatory phase of intraphysical life. The reach, result, and effort of individual and collective assistance are, therefore, principal metrics of invexibility. The study and application of entrepreneurship is critical to maximize precocious assistantial productivity, combining intelligent planning that accounts for the cultural climate and quality of execution with effort and will-power. If the youth invests intraphysical and intrapsychical assets diligently and intelligently like cosmoethical business entrepreneurs toward maxi-fraternal objectives, they can lead evolutionarily-productive ventures (providing products, services, education) that are relevant and compatible to the needs and, if possible, wants of their communities. While a consciential revolution can take place for those with multidimensionality existential programs, light or indirect approaches can gently penetrate the holothosene of the materialistic masses.

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