El Ejercicio del Paraderecho como Técnica de Autodesasedio

Author: Kátia Arakaki

Volume 13, Issue 49, Page 21 - July 2010

CitationCitation:ARAKAKI, Kátia (2010). El Ejercicio del Paraderecho como Técnica de Autodesasedio, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, July-December, Vol. 13, No. 49, p.21



ABSTRACT: This article discusses the consciousness` attempt to perform the first steps of Paralaw during daily life while still in a pre-serenissimus condition. This allows one to begin to deepen the theoretical and practical understanding of this area of study and reduces self- intrusion, which derives from their personal egocentrism. The respect to the rights of other consciousnesses could be used by the intraphysical consciousness as a technique to facilitate and maintain self-deintrusion, in this way qualifying one’s holothosene while working on reaching the intrusionlessness level.

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