Crisis Personal:Una Oportunidad de Crecimiento

Author: Anna Letícia Melloni

Volume 14, Issue 52, Page 103 - January 2012

CitationCitation:MELLONI, Anna Letícia (2012). Crisis Personal:Una Oportunidad de Crecimiento, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, January-June, Vol. 14, No. 52, p.103



ABSTRACT: Personal development crisis is a broad and complex theme, very specific of singular consciential realities. Crisis are normal in anyone’s life and need to be addressed with priority, as they freeze evolution until we take a stance and decide to find solutions. To help reflect on more lucid outcomes to crisis, this article proposes some ideas based on the authors’observation, personal experience and research, as well as a more theatic and mentalsomatic approach for those motivated to overcome a crisis.

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